FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are there restaurants close to the Convention Center?
A:  There are a couple of small local sandwich-type restaurants, including a local hamburger restaurant, a local cafe, and a McDonalds within walking distance.   Additionally, there are many restaurants 5 minutes away at I-75 and SR 309. That is exit 125 off of I-75.
As you register, you will be provided a complimentary bag of goodies from the Lima/Allen County Convention and Visitor's Bureau. This bag will include a local map, list of local sites, and list of all restaurants in the area.  You may also refer to the bureau's website: http://www.lima-allencvb.com/
Once again this year, for those who wish to participate, we will offer a catered meal from the Old Barn Out Back. This is offered strictly as a courtesy for those who do not wish to drive to dinner on Saturday, in order to provide an additional food option.  Food will be served in the Wingate reception area and more details will be available at the dance registration table. In the past, there have been 3 menu choices and the price has been a little under $10 per person for the meal, which includes beverage and dessert.  Absolutely no one is required to participate!!

Q: I received ribbons this past week. Is this the same as "badges"?
A: No, the ribbons are for admission and everyone will receive a ribbon. Ribbons will be mailed out in advance of the Smokin' event if you order before 1 Sept.  Hopefully everyone will wear their ribbon around to advertise the dance to their friends. The more friends you bring, the more fun everyone will have; and why not? The callers and cuer are excellent.

Badges are a hard plastic typical square dance club badge that will have your name on it. Badges were offered as an option on the registration form. They cost $7. If you ordered badges, they will be delivered to you with the registration package at the Smokin event. The idea is that you can wear it every year at Smokin without further cost. In future years, we will provide a number that you can pick up at the event that will hang as a dangle. The number will represent the number of years that you have attended the dance. After a few years, it will be come a fun thing to compare numbers.
Q: Is there a campground nearby?
A:  Check the link "Lima Area Accomodations".  It includes campgrounds.
Q: What are you Smokin In Rail City?
A:  Us!! We will be dancing and moving so smooth and so fast with our excellent callers that we will be steaming and our shoes will be smoking!  Our dance weekend, "Smokin' in Rail City", takes its name for two reasons. The first reason is Lima's history as a center of rail activity. Lima was home to the Lima Locomotive Works which built some of the most modern and fast steam locomotives in the world. Additionally, Lima was served by five different railroads and hosted such famous passenger trains as the Cincinnatian, the Phoebe Snow, and the Broadway Limited. The thought of these high speed steam locomotives puffing smoke and steam is the second reason for our name. Smokin' and steaming is what we and our shoes do at this dance. With the energy and fine-voices of the callers and cuers, we dancers are treated to smooth, fast paced modern music, and a great time

Q: Will you have rates for a partial package?
A: Yes, see the 
Registration Flyer.

Q: I ordered a badge and a shirt.  Where are they?
A:  Badges and shirts will be available for pick-up at the dance.  This allows us to consolidate orders and avoid shipping costs.  Please enjoy wearing your shirt and badge at the weekend, and then to help us promote Smokin' in Rail City throughout the next year.
Thanks for reading the Q's & A's. Please send us any questions you might have. If we receive the same question numerous times we will include it on this page.            kenneth.r.allen@earthlink.net