Dance Facilities

Welcome to our Dance Facility Page!  We are very pleased with the nice venue we have for our special weekend. Lima's Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center is the perfect size for our dance and provides a friendly and helpful approach to its customers. We have found them nothing but helpful and responsive.

The main floor is 14,500 square feet and divided into 3 sections. Halls are labeled by the convention center as the North Hall, South Hall, and Center Hall.  When you check in, you will receive a schedule which informs you where and when you should report for plus, round, advanced or C1 dancing.
 Each hall is about the size of a basketball court.  With this space we will be able to dance as large as we like and not be cramped. The only draw back is the concrete floors, but that is just the way convention centers come. Wear appropriate shoes. With our casual approach to clothing, that should not be a problem.
 Our Registration Desk will be outside of the South Hall. Please check in when you arrive so that we can keep our records up-to-date and inform you of any last-minute news.
Along the north end of the convention center is a hall way. This hallway connects the convention center to the Wingate Hotel. 

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